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Many of these images frame just a part of the body, often cropping or concealing the model's face, encouraging the viewer to consider the image in terms of its treatment of line, colour, form and light. There's an interesting contradiction in this: of all subjects, the body is the one we most try to see as itself, however abstract the image may be.
Chrissy and I worked from midsummer 2002, recording her pregnancy in a way which I hope reflects the beauty of the growth of this new life.
...loosely defined as images where something (eg garments, shoes, chains...) other than the model's body forms the dominant element in the composition.

These images reflect and grow from the models' interests and modes of play, as well as from mine.

Momentary glimpses, fleeting expressions - some posed, some caught on the fly...

(Still under development)

At the moment lilies and orchids are favourites...
(Still under development)

I spent a few days in Venice with my younger son in January 2002. The light was brilliant and hard-edged. My son sketched and I took photographs.
(Still under development)

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