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Images of the body make an powerful connection with us. They are us - as we are, as we were, as we would like to be, as we fear to become - or perhaps they are the Other we desire or fear.

The body fills me with wonder and awe. I use photography - setting, lighting, camera angles, framing, the model's pose, costume, colours, the manipulative power of the computer - to express what I feel in a visual form and, I hope, to evoke an emotional response in the viewer.

Some images on this site are of female models, some of male. At the time the images were created, the models' ages ranged from 18 to 49. My goal is to include a more diverse range of models as my own ideas and feelings about photography and the body grow and change.

- Rod Macdonald
September 2004

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...to the models who appear on this site, for the patience, skill and good humour they bring to each session.
The site is affectionately dedicated to them all.

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